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Rocky the Rooster original is available for art lovers looking at add unique works to their collections.

Artists Statement

In “Rocky the Rooster,” Diana Vanstone presents a mesmerizing portrait that pierces through the veil of still life, revealing the unyielding essence of its subject. Against a stark black background, the rooster’s piercing gaze fixes upon the viewer with an intensity that defies the mundane.

Vanstone’s bold brushstrokes and vivid color palette bring the rooster to life, imbuing it with a sense of rugged individualism. The artist’s use of light and shadow creates a dramatic tension, drawing the viewer into the rooster’s world. The black background serves as a subtle reminder of the darkness that often accompanies strength and resilience.

At its core, “Rocky the Rooster” is a meditation on the human condition – or rather, the animal condition. Vanstone invites us to confront our own mortality, our own fears and insecurities, reflected in the rooster’s unyielding stare. This is an art that demands attention, refusing to be ignored.

The artist’s inspiration for this work lies in the humble yet majestic qualities of the rooster itself. “I wanted to capture the essence of a creature that embodies strength, vulnerability, and resilience,” Vanstone explains. “In ‘Rocky the Rooster,’ I sought to distill these characteristics into a powerful visual representation.”

Through her masterful handling of color and light, Vanstone imbues the painting with an emotional depth that transcends its simplicity. The rooster’s gaze becomes a window into the soul, inviting us to confront our own fears and insecurities. This is art that demands attention, refusing to be ignored.

In “Rocky the Rooster,” Diana Vanstone presents a work of quiet intensity, one that rewards close examination and contemplation. It is an invitation to enter the world of this unyielding rooster, where strength and vulnerability coexist in a delicate balance.

Technical Details

  • Size: 30.4 x 40.6 cm
  • Oil on canvas
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity signed by Diana.
  • Rocky the Rooster original ​ships as a rolled canvas ready for you to mount.

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