Diana Vanstone is a contemporary metaphorical realist artist based in London. Her biography begins with her birth in September 1970 in Shumen, Bulgaria, even as a young girl, Diana was always drawn to art and colour. Growing up in a society where conformity was mandatory, she had to be careful expressing her individuality. Despite the limitations, her passion for art never waned. After completing higher education in medicine, she pursued additional degrees in social activities and pedagogy.

The decade following 1992 was a difficult time for Bulgaria. Even highly educated professionals were not immune to the impact. In 2001, her life was at a breaking point. Diana made the decision to move to London to seek a better life for herself and her son. The following years were not easy, but through hard work, she built a career as a polysomnographer.

Despite her success in medicine, Diana’s love for creativity and art never left her. In 2018, she began to spend more time in front of the easel, releasing her visions onto canvas. She describes herself as an “independent artist based in London.” Her inspiration comes from a fusion of perception, desire, and the modern-day culture that surrounds us. Diana’s paintings often reflect her mood, or something that she has seen and wants to bring to life in a new way. Her portfolio features a number of works that synthesise elements from her experiences from her medical education and career. The human body being a common theme.

Diana considers dreams to be another crucial and inspirational ingredient in her work. She believes that when we sleep, we catch a glimpse behind the curtain of our reality and strives to bring those images to her canvas.

Over the last few years, Diana has been both painting and building up her image as an artist. She opened her online gallery in 2020 to showcase her art. Since then, she has built a portfolio of 100 works, and 15 thousand followers who like her art and provide valuable encouragement and feedback. Recently, she has appeared in print, online, and commercial television media. These appearances were in preparation for her solo gallery exhibition “Colours” that took place in March/April at The Sofia Gallery in London.  

Diana’s typical pieces are created using oil on canvas, with some acrylic work. While much of her collection has been on smaller wall canvases, more recent works have grown to larger canvases. Her paintings often feature bright colours, contrasts, bold lines, and surrealist elements. These draw the viewer in and encourage them to explore the depth and meaning behind the work.

Despite the challenges she has faced in her life, Diana has never lost her passion for art. Through hard work and determination, she built a successful career as a polysomnographer, before becoming an independent artist. Her work is a testament to the power of creativity, and the importance of following one’s passions despite adversity. With each painting, Diana invites us to explore the world through her eyes and to experience the beauty and complexity of life in a new way.

Many of her paintings are held in private collections worldwide, a testament to her talent and the impact her art has on those who see it.

Diana Vanstone Biography