Terms and Conditions

Notice of Agreement:
By browsing, or purchasing products from Diana Vanstone Art, (operating online at www.dianavanstone.art), you agree to be bound by the both the following Terms and Condition (“The Agreement”), and the terms of our Privacy Policy.  You may have other statutory rights by way of the Sale of Goods Act, or the Distance Selling Regulations.  which remain, and are not infringed.

Artwork descriptions and images:
We do our best to see that the products appearing on our site truly, and accurately represent the prints you mount on your wall.  In some cases where product appear “in scenes” the images may have been aspect adjusted slightly to fit these scenes.  The Gallery, and Shop images have not been aspect adjusted, and are a true reference of the proportions of the original work.  While we strive to ensure that every print matches colour precisely, there may still be minute variances between the colour represented on your device and the original artwork.  

Limited Liability:
By completing an order through the Diana Vanstone Art website you are agreeing to purchase the products specified within that order.  Please be sure to check the items and quantities in your electronic shopping cart, before completing your order.   Diana Vanstone Art reserve the right to decline fulfilment of your order.  We do not guarantee that any items are in stock at your time of purchase.  In this event, your order will be fulfilled in a first come first served bases as stock is replenished.  In cases where either a limited availability product has completed, or a product is otherwise no longer available a full refund will be offered.

Our website is hosted to a 3rd party website hosting company, and therefore we cannot guarantee that the website will be available and accessible to you at all times.  Nor can we guarantee that the content is free from harmful viruses or malware.  Diana Vanstone Art accepts no liability for loss of function, including data loss that may result for customers interaction with this website (www.dianavanstone.art). Given the diversity of devices that may connect to our website, we are unable to test with all possible user devices, and thus cannot ensure the rendering accuracy of our website on all devices.

Diana Vanstone Art reserves the right to add, remove, and update content on this site at any time, including products offered, their availability, and pricing, including shipping rates.  While we work hard to ensure our content is accurate, and up to date, we accept not liability for errors or inaccuracies that may appear.

Diana Vanstone Art’s liability for negligence is limited to the total value of the products purchased.  Diana Vanstone Art is not liable for any damage to property, and/or personal injuries sustained, up to and including death to the purchaser or any other 3rd parties that may result from the purchase of our products.

3rd Party Sites, and Content
Our website may contain links to content, social media post, or features provided for the benefit our user.  As we have no control over these external sites, we cannot, and do not offer any warranties attesting to their quality, safety, and/or function.  Additionally, any data you share or provide to a 3rd party site that is link is not covered under to data protection/privacy policy.  When visiting 3rd party sites linked from www.dianavanstone.art, please consult the provided data protection, cookie, and privacy policies offer by those sites. 

​The copyright for all images, text, logos, videos, and other content on this website is held by Diana Vanstone Art.  Where Diana Vanstone Art has posted images, text, logos, or video to social media site, the copyright to that works still remains with Diana Vanstone Art.  No copying, or reproduction is permitted without the expressed written permission of Diana Vanstone Art.

When an original work is purchased, the buyer agrees that all copyright, media usage, promotion, and reproduction rights for the original work purchased remain in perpetuity with the artist Diana Vanstone Art.  Additionally, the buyer agree that if they resell the work at a later date to a 3rd party, that they are obliged to these terms to their buyer. 

Legal Governance and Jurisdiction
 This agreement, and any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim of whatever nature arising out of or in any way relating to this agreement or its formation (including any non-contractual disputes or claims), shall be 
​governed by and construed in accordance with English law and to be submitted exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.