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On Sale original is made available for art lovers looking at add unique works to their collections.

Artists Statement

Diana Vanstone’s “On Sale” presents a jarring juxtaposition.  It pits the weighty symbolism of a crown of thorns against the triviality of a bright red tag. The pencil sketch of the crown, with its delicate, sinuous lines, seems almost an afterthought.  More of a fleeting gesture that belies the profound significance of the object itself.

The tag, by contrast, is bold and attention-grabbing, its bright color demanding to be seen. It’s as if Vanstone has taken two opposing ideologies – the suffering and sacrifice embodied in the crown.  Contrasted with the crass commercialism implicit in the sale tag.  Then sets them in direct confrontation with one another.

The tension between these two elements is palpable, inviting viewers to ponder the value we place on things, and on ourselves. The crown of thorns, a potent symbol of pain and martyrdom, seems almost an affront to the notion that anything can be “on sale”. And yet, the tag itself is innocuous enough – a common sight in any retail establishment.

In this way, Vanstone’s painting serves as a commentary on our society’s values, where the sacred and the profane are constantly colliding. It’s a work that asks us to consider what we truly value, and how we assign worth to the things that surround us.

Technical Details

  • Size: 30 x 42 cm
  • Pencil and Acrylic on paper
  • Inclueds a certificate of authenticity signed by Diana.
  • ​On Sale original as a rolled canvas ready for you to mount.

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