Naughty Angel


Reproduction giclee print



All Naughty Angel art prints are reproduced in London on 310gsm, 100% Cotton – Hahnemuhle German Etching paper.

Artists Statement

Diana Vanstone’s captivating masterpiece, “Naughty Angel”, is a thought-provoking exploration of the human condition. This enigmatic figure, set against a backdrop reminiscent of Orthodox iconography, embodies both the allure and the ambiguity of sin. As her gaze seems to pierces the veil of morality, one asks: is she seeking salvation or succumbing to temptation?

The inspiration behind “Naughty Angel” stems from Vanstone’s fascination with the paradoxical nature of human desire. By juxtaposing the traditional iconography of Orthodox art with a figure that embodies both innocence and seduction. Vanstone challenges our perceptions of morality and its relationship to sin. The result is a work that not only questions the boundaries between good and evil but also invites us to confront our own desires and the complexities of the human experience.

As we gaze upon “Naughty Angel”, we behold the artist’s masterful use of color, light, and composition. The bold brushstrokes and vivid hues create a sense of energy and tension, drawing us in with an undeniable allure. And yet, despite the figure’s seductive appearance, there lies a hint of vulnerability and uncertainty.  Leaving us to ponder the true nature of her intentions.

In “Naughty Angel”, Vanstone masterfully blends the sacred and the profane, the holy and the erotic, creating a work that defies categorization. This painting is at once a celebration of human desire and a poignant exploration of our deepest fears.  We are reminded that even in the most innocent appearances, lies a complex web of emotions. motivations, and desires waiting to be unraveled.

Technical Details

  • ​Size: 61 x 91.4 cm
  • Oil on Canvas with gold leaf
  • Naughty Angel art prints comes tagged, with an accompany with a certificate of authenticity signed by Diana.
  • Prints are shipped in a sturdy art tube to ensure they reach you safely.

Additional information

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