Unfinished by Diana Vanstone Art


Oil on Canvas – 45.7 x 61 cm by Diana Vanstone Art – 2023 Work in progress…

Diana Vanstone Art "Colours" wine sponsor Vincent Grall Vigneron

Diana Vanstone Art & Vincent Grall Vigneron

A special Thank You – Merci ! to Vincent Grall Vigneron – for supporting my “Colours” opening night reception with their fine Sancerre wines. Thank you again for believing in me

COLOURS Art Exhibition Reception by Diana Vanstone Art

“COLOURS” – Cheers

Just a quick post of for all the wonder people who came to the reception, here are some “cheerful” shots 🙂

COLOURS Art Exhibition Reception by Diana Vanstone Art

“COLOURS” Reception

For a moment beautiful, for a moment happy, we see ourselves sealed as an images from light. Our experiences on March 30, turned into art. The exhibition will last until 13th April. So there is still time to visit…

Vincent Grall Vigneron wine sponsorship announced

“COLOURS” – reception announcement

I would like to thank Domaine Vincent Grall Vigneron for their appreciation of what I do, for trusting me, and for supporting my exhibition starting 30 March. The best wine, loved not only by me, but by all white wine lovers worldwide. I recommend to all to try this fine Sancerre! Cheers !

Magic Moment by Diana Vanstone Art

Magic Moment

Oil on Canvas – 61 x 45.7 cm by Diana Vanstone Art – 2023 The creative adult is the child who survived…

Naughty Angel by Diana Vanstone Art

Naughty Angel

Oil on Canvas – 61 x 94 cm by Diana Vanstone Art – 2023 Sin or Salvation?

COLOURS Art Exhibition catalog by Diana Vanstone Art

“COLOURS” Exhibition catalogue

I am pleased to announce that my 80 page exhibition catalogue for “COLOURS” is final ready. It looks great !

Dancing Beauty by Diana Vanstone Art

Dancing Beauty

Oil on Canvas – 91.4 x 122 cm by Diana Vanstone Art – 2023 Years of sacrifice and effort leading to – A flawless debut !